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Designed for easy integration of remote and on premises devices with logical configuration options that don't require an IT guru to setup.

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Siptalk Business Phone

Business Phone

Always up to date with the latest features and functionality.

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1300 Numbers

A national number so your customers can reach you for the cost of a local call.

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Local Numbers

Geographically located numbers in the city or town near you.

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Siptalk Home Office Anywhere

Connect from your home, the office or anywhere else in between.

With Covid19 and working from home becoming a part of our everyday lives, your business needs a solution that's flexible enough to fit in with your specific requirements.

With the Siptalk platform you can connect any phone from anywhere and allow your staff to communicate just as if they were all in the same building. Across the street or across the country, all that's required is a reliable internet connection.

Common System Features


Prompt for a keypress to connect to specific departments or people in your organisation.

ACD Queue

Queue callers with music while they are waiting for an operator to take their call.

Ring Groups

Ring a group of extensions when a call comes in, the first to pick up gets the call.

Line Hunt

Overflow calls through extensions or external numbers in order set in the portal.

Time Schedules

Route inbound calls differently depending on the day and time of the call.

Voicemail To Email

Overflow calls into voicemail when busy or after hours with messages sent by email.

Phone System

A Hosted PABX allows you access to the latest features and upgrades without the need to maintain a phone system locally.

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1300 Numbers

Offer a nationally accessible number to your customers, reachable for the cost of a local call Australia wide.

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Local Numbers

These are geographically located numbers in the city or town near you. Allow customers to call you from public phone networks where a national number is not required.

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