Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring Yealink T46S IP Phone with Siptalk Device Extension: Enhance Your Business Communication with

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Configuring Yealink T46S IP Phone with Siptalk Device Extension

1. Registering Siptalk Device Extension:
a. Log in to the Siptalk portal at
b. Navigate to the section where you can add a device extension.
c. Follow the prompts to register your VoIP device and take note of the credentials provided, as these will be needed for configuring your Yealink phone.

2. Accessing Yealink T46S IP Phone Interface:
a. Connect the Yealink T46S to your network.
b. Identify the phone's IP address (this can usually be found on the device's screen or within the network settings).
c. Open a web browser and enter the IP address to access the Yealink web configuration interface.
d. Log in using the default username and password, typically "admin" and "admin" (please consult the phone's manual if these credentials do not work).

3. Configuring Siptalk Account on Yealink T46S:
a. Navigate to the "Accounts" tab within the Yealink interface.
b. Click on "Register" to create a new account.
c. Fill in the following information using the credentials obtained from the Siptalk portal:
  • Label: A descriptive name for this account (e.g., "Siptalk Account").
  • Display Name: Your desired display name.
  • Register Name: Your Siptalk username.
  • User Name: Your Siptalk username.
  • Password: Your Siptalk password.
  • SIP Server: The Siptalk server address, usually in the format "".
d. Click "Confirm" to save the configuration.

4. STUN Configuration (if required):
a. Navigate to the "Network" tab.
b. Select the "Advanced" section.
c. Enter the Siptalk STUN server address: "".
d. Click "Confirm" to save the changes.

5. Testing Connectivity and Audio Quality:
a. From the Yealink T46S phone, dial the Siptalk echo test number 99299.
b. Follow the prompts to test connectivity and audio quality.

6. Finalise Configuration:
a. Review all settings to ensure they are correct.
b. Reboot the Yealink T46S to apply all changes.

Your Yealink T46S IP Phone should now be configured to work with Siptalk's system. If you experience any difficulties, please consult the Siptalk support documentation or contact their support team for further assistance.

Please remember that Siptalk, being an Australian company, prioritises the highest standards in VoIP services, and adhering to the above guidelines will ensure optimal performance for your Yealink T46S device with the Siptalk platform.16th August 2023
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