Voicemail to Email

How many times have you glanced at your phone to see you have a message and felt the dread? You need to make time to listen to the message in a quiet space, having pen and paper handy to write down any details about the call, and then find time to call the person back.

Not to mention you also have instant messages coming at you from various platforms, emails pinging your inbox by the minute, and people swinging by your office to answer a quick question.

The amount of information business executives must take in and respond to during the day is overwhelming. So instead of letting those messages come at you on your phone, there’s an easier way to integrate them with the emails you already receive -- voicemail to email.

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How Does Voicemail to Email Work?

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Voicemail to email is a feature of the VoIP phone system that converts a voicemail message into an audio file and automatically delivers it to your email inbox. Depending on the specific service, the message may include an audio attachment, a transcript of the message, or a link to read the message online.

When someone leaves you a voicemail message, instead of listening to the message and then meaning to call them back (but forgetting to do it), the voicemail becomes an email in your inbox that you can flag, sort, schedule a response, or move it to a pending folder.

The Benefits of Voicemail to Email

Depending on your business industry or work environment, the voicemail to email feature can improve efficiencies and improve client or customer relationships by decreasing your response time to missed calls.

Having your voicemail sent to your email account eliminates the need to continuously check for new messages in your voicemail box. In addition, it enables you to download voicemail messages from any mobile device or computer via email, eliminating the need to call your voicemail.

This technology has proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic as a record number of employees were out of the office and working from home. Businesses continued to receive calls in the corporate offices, with many routed to voicemail as remote workers hesitated to give out mobile phone numbers or alternate contact information.

Voicemail mail to email technology delivers the perfect phone system solution in this circumstance, allowing employees to maintain their privacy and respond to missed calls more efficiently and with more accuracy.

Users can also easily save voicemail audio files on their computers and listen to them on-demand or save them in a client file to preserve notes for future reference.

Voicemail to email is just one of many technological advancements becoming increasingly crucial in today's changing business landscape. Taking advantage of it is essential.