IVR Auto Attendant

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that automates phone processes, enabling callers to reach information by speaking to a voice response system or utilizing a touch-tone keypad and speech recognition to access different departments or specialists.

Using a phone system IVR software enhances customer happiness and improves contact center operations and key performance indicators (KPIs). Using interactive voice response (IVR) at peak hours can assist reduce hold times by enabling customers to search for answers and conduct simple activities independently.

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How Does Phone System IVR Work?

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Even the most basic IVR solution shortens hold times and requires less staff because of IVR technology. Though this is the case, sophisticated systems provide an even better consumer experience.

The platform can process requests made by callers through phone system IVRs. The technology is known as dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (or DTMF).

Callers utilize the keypad on their phone to pick menu selections, which initiates DTMF signaling between the phone and the computer. Intelligent call routing occurs without the use of a human operator.

The Benefits of IVR

Having an automated system in place allows you to collect data to enhance your operation and improve your business strategies. While customers will inevitably prefer talking to an actual person when calling companies, many prefer the flexibility and the chance to get things sorted using phone service IVR technology. If the call is for something simple such as checking delivery details for an order, checking accounts balances, and similar, accessing this information automatically appeals to many.

Implementing this means you can effectively monitor and route calls to be handled efficiently for the company and beneficial to the caller. IVR systems assist in market research, saving businesses money by avoiding the need to pay additional representatives. Call handling time is also cut, and this saves even more money.

Businesses can significantly improve their workflow and customer experience by utilizing the software to support their customer service efforts and balance out the workload for staff to determine which queries are coming through to preempt the call and best serve those needing assistance.