ACD Queue

Whether you have heard of a phone system ACD queue or not, chances are, you have already come into contact with one when engaging with other companies.

If you've ever heard an announcement and been put on hold when calling a business, then you were most likely in an ACD queue.

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What Is A Phone System ACD Queue?

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Automatic Call Distribution queues (also known as ACD queues) are a more advanced version of groups that enable your company's employees to handle calls one at a time while new callers wait in line. For organizations with a high volume of customers calling in, a call queue is useful. It lets your reps focus on each incoming call without causing other customers to wait on hold or get voicemail.

To handle incoming calls from the queue, your agents or users must log in to the queue. When your agents conclude their work for the day or decide that they no longer want to accept any calls, they must log out of the queue. You can dial the queue's login extension to log in and out of the queue.

If you're using your queue as your business's primary phone number or sales number, you can specify the queue as the destination. Once calls enter the queue, they are given a place in line according to the sequence they arrive—just like people in line to check out at the grocery store. New calls placed in the ACD queue will be held until an available rep becomes available to take a new call.

Configuring an ACD Queue

You can choose from multiple settings so that the inbound caller can hear specific announcements or music. You can opt to tell them their place in the queue or approximate wait items.

Another setting option is to set a strategy for how calls will be distributed amongst staff. They will include;


All staff are alerted to an incoming call, and the first to answer takes the call.

Round Robin

Call handlers are put in numerical order, and calls are distributed according to that order. As each employee answers a call, the next call coming through will automatically be sent to the next available person who can answer.

Fewest Calls

Calls will be routed into the agent that has answered the least amount of calls.


All calls are assigned randomly.

Least Recent

The next incoming call will be assigned to the person who hasn’t taken a call for the longest time at the point it enters the queue.

An ACD queue is an excellent way to streamline your incoming calls and ensure they are handled efficiently and dealt with by the appropriate agent at the time.