Configuring a Grandstream HT802 with a Siptalk Device Extension: A Comprehensive Guide

Device configuration

Configuring Grandstream HT802 with Siptalk Device Extension

Step 1: Access the Siptalk Portal

1. Login to your Siptalk Account: Visit the Siptalk portal at and log in using your credentials.
2. Navigate to Device Extensions: Find the option to add a device extension and click on it.
3. Create a Device Extension: Fill in the necessary details and click 'Save' to create the extension.
4. Note the Credentials: You will need the credentials provided to connect the device to the extension. Please make a note of them.

Step 2: Configure the Grandstream HT802

1. Connect the Grandstream HT802: Plug the device into your network and connect it to your computer.
2. Access the Device's Web Interface: Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the Grandstream HT802. You may find the IP address in the device's manual or by checking the device's display.
3. Login to the Device: Use the default username and password (found in the manual) to log in.
4. Navigate to the Account Settings: Go to the 'Account' tab or equivalent section.
5. Enter the Siptalk Credentials:
  • SIP Server: Enter the Siptalk SIP server address.
  • SIP User ID and Authenticate ID: Use the username from the Siptalk portal.
  • Password: Enter the password from the Siptalk portal.
  • Additional Settings: Ensure that any additional settings are in accordance with Siptalk requirements and Australian compliance.
6. Save and Reboot: Click 'Save' and then 'Reboot' to apply the settings.

Step 3: Test the Configuration

1. Use the Siptalk Echo Test Number: Dial 99299 from a VoIP device connected to the Grandstream HT802. This will test the connectivity and audio quality, ensuring that the configuration is successful.


If you encounter any difficulties, please consult the Grandstream HT802 manual, the Siptalk support page, or contact Siptalk customer service for assistance.

By following this tutorial, you should have successfully configured the Grandstream HT802 with a Siptalk device extension and ensuring optimal performance. Enjoy the enhanced functionality and quality service provided by Siptalk.16th August 2023
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