What about cheap landline calls?

Although landline calls are more affordable than their mobile counterparts, with rising line rental and flag fall costs, finding cheap landline calls in Australia can be difficult. SipTalk challenges other traditional phone service providers by offering low cost phone calls, including untimed landline calls for as little as 8.5c on our SIP Plus and SIP Max plans.

Expensive monthly costs for line rental have slowed the landline market, but SipTalk allows you to bypass this by just using your broadband internet connection to make cheap landline calls. And our great untimed landline call rate gives you more flexibility to chat as long as you like without money being taken out of your pocket with every passing minute. We also offer a heavily discounted price to call 13 and 1300 numbers which means more low cost phone calls for you and fewer figures on your phone bill.

SipTalk's range of untimed landline calls are just another feature of our low cost phone call plan, which gives back to you, the customer.