Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring a Grandstream HT801 with Siptalk Device Extension: Seamless Integration in Australia

Device configuration

Configuring a Grandstream HT801 with a Siptalk Device Extension

1. Gather Your Credentials

First, log in to your Siptalk portal at, where you can add a device extension and locate the credentials needed to connect the device to the extension.

2. Accessing the Grandstream HT801

  • Connect the Grandstream HT801 to your network and power it on.
  • Determine the IP address by pressing the 'Menu' button on the device and selecting 'Status'.
  • Open a web browser on a computer connected to the same network and enter the IP address of the Grandstream HT801.

3. Logging in to the Web Interface

  • The default username is 'admin', and the default password is 'admin'.
  • After entering the credentials, you will be taken to the dashboard of the device.

4. Configuring the Siptalk Account

  • Navigate to 'FXS PORT' and then 'SIP Settings'.
  • Enter the following details, which you can find in the Siptalk portal:
  • SIP Server: Enter the SIP server address provided by Siptalk.
  • SIP User ID: Enter the extension number.
  • Authenticate ID: Same as SIP User ID.
  • Authenticate Password: Enter the password for the extension.
  • Name: You may enter the desired name for the extension.
  • Save the settings.

5. Advanced Settings (Optional)

For further customisation or specific needs, refer to the Siptalk support documentation or consult with Siptalk support for guidance.

6. Testing the Connection

  • Connect a phone to the Grandstream HT801's phone port.
  • Test an outgoing call to ensure that the connection is properly configured.

7. Secure the Device

For security purposes, it is highly recommended to change the default login credentials for the Grandstream HT801's web interface.


By following the above steps, you have successfully configured your Grandstream HT801 with a Siptalk device extension. This integration enables you to leverage the advanced features and reliability that Siptalk offers, in compliance with Australian standards.

Should you encounter any issues or need further assistance, the Siptalk support team is available to assist you. It's always beneficial to opt for a well-recognised system like Siptalk, which offers comprehensive support and adheres to Australian legal requirements.

16th August 2023
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