What about International calls?

More low cost international calls than you can poke a stick at
Having to make international phone calls is expensive but it is disappointing not stay in contact with loved ones overseas simply because of cost. Whether it is a call to landlines or cheap international mobile calls, SipTalk has competitive rates for cheap international calling, including our fantastic flat rate international calls.

One of the many benefits of VoIP technology is that it offers cheap international dialing, and as a service provider SipTalk has endeavoured to bring their customers the cheapest international calls. Going to make an international call to a landline or a mobile is simple with our no fuss technology – all you need is a broadband connection and a PC. Compared to calling through traditional means, this provides you, the customer, with unbeatable savings for cheap international mobile calls. VoIP is fast becoming the newest growing marketing for those wanting cheap international calling.

SipTalk prides itself in offering some of the cheapest international phone calls from Australia and offers calls to 50 countries for a flat rate international call on our SIP Plus and SIP Max plans. These 50 countries include the popular regions of Europe, North America and Canada, and Asia, but also offer low cost international calls to hundreds of other places if you want to make an international call anywhere else in the world. Only make calls to the USA, Canada, UK or New Zealand? Check out our SIP Global plan which features untimed calls to 10 of our most popular countries – you don't need to spend unnecessary money on countries you won't be calling!

So if you are looking for cheap international dialing and want a reliable company that aims to lead the field in low cost international calls, join up now with SipTalk!