What is internet voice calling?

Making phone calls over the internet is made possible through VoIP technology or ‘voice over internet protocol’. Through a VoIP telephone service such as SipTalk you are able to make phone calls with just a laptop or PC and a broadband connection.

Because there is no need for expensive and unnecessary line rental or connection fees, cheap VoIP services have been popping up everywhere to cater for the growing marketing interested in internet voice calling. Among the many VoIP telephone services, SipTalk is a cheap VoIP service and wholesale VoIP service which provides reliability and a convenient and fuss-free set up.

We offer a wholesale VoIP service for those interested in offering a great VoIP telephone service to their customers. A cheap VoIP service such as SipTalk will go a long way in reducing your monthly phone bill and it is not difficult to use or set up - and for those who need a bit more guidance we have a support line to help you with any problems.

VoIP telephone services can also offer the same great features you are used to from a traditional phone line, including call waiting, call forwarding and conference calls. In addition, we love to reward our valued customers and offer FREE calls between SipTalk customers – that’s right, completely free! Now that is a cheap VoIP service!