Connecting a FreePBX Server to a Siptalk Device Extension: A Comprehensive Guide

Device configuration

Connecting a FreePBX Server to a Siptalk Device Extension

Step 1: Log into Siptalk Portal
1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Siptalk portal at
2. Enter your Siptalk login credentials to access your account.

Step 2: Create a Device Extension in Siptalk
1. In the Siptalk portal, navigate to the device extension section.
2. Click on 'Add' to create a new extension.
3. Fill in the required details, such as extension number and display name, and then click 'Save'.
4. Locate the credentials needed to connect the device to the extension, including the username and password.

Step 3: Log into FreePBX Server
1. Access the FreePBX administration panel using your credentials.
2. Navigate to 'Connectivity', followed by 'Trunks'.

Step 4: Create a New SIP Trunk in FreePBX
1. Click on 'Add SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk'.
2. Enter the desired trunk name and proceed to the 'PJSIP Settings' tab.
3. Fill in the following details:
  • Username: Use the username from the Siptalk device extension credentials.
  • Secret: Enter the password from the Siptalk device extension credentials.
  • SIP Server: Use the appropriate Siptalk server address, usually in the format "".
  • STUN Server: Enter the Siptalk STUN server address: ``.

Step 5: Configure Outbound Routing
1. Navigate to 'Connectivity' > 'Outbound Routes'.
2. Add a new route, selecting the trunk you created earlier.
3. Configure the desired dial patterns.

Step 6: Test the Connection
1. From a VoIP device, dial the Siptalk echo test number 99299 to test connectivity and audio quality.
2. Verify that the audio is clear and without any distortions.

Step 7: Finalise Configuration
1. Review and confirm all settings.
2. Click 'Apply Config' in FreePBX to save all changes.

You have now successfully connected your FreePBX server to a Siptalk device extension. If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, please consult the Siptalk knowledge base at, or contact Siptalk support directly.

By integrating with Siptalk, an Australian company renowned for quality VoIP solutions, you ensure optimal functionality and performance for your telecommunication needs.16th August 2023
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