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Routing Profiles Overview

Managing call routing for phone numbers in this system is done by creating profiles and attaching them to an active schedule.

There are 3 main panels to be aware of when setting up routing for a number;

  1. Active schedule
  2. Available routing profiles
  3. Time schedules

1. Active schedule: The first active schedule when you add a number is the Default schedule. Calls that don't match any other schedules time rules, will route through profiles in the Default schedule.

2. Available routing profiles: You will create profiles to be used in the different schedules for this number and they will be listed in this panel. You can then add certain profiles to different schedules.

3. Time schedules: You can create multiple time schedules and they will be selectable in the Active schedule panel, then you will attach profiles to the different schedules. See: Time schedule basics

The first step is to create a new profile. Click the [+Create] button in the top right of the Available routing profiles panel.

In the image above, I've selected the Ring Group profile and will be labelling it Tutorial Ring Group. Add the profile.

Now you'll see the profile that you just created, listed in the Available profiles panel.

We need to configure it now. Click the [Configure] button.

Select the device extensions you want to add to the ring group. And update the profile.

The next step is to attach the profile to the Default schedule.

Click the [Attach] button.

And you'll see the profile is now listed in the Default schedule. Calls into this number, at any time of the day, will route into the Tutorial Ring Group.

You can add multiple profiles and attach them to the same Active schedule.

And drag them around to order them. The inbound call will flow through the profiles in the Active schedule from top to bottom.

That's the basic concept behind the routing for phone numbers.

Please check out the other tutorial pages for a full range of routing configuration options.

See also: Time schedule basics | Ring group and voicemail configuration